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I am Rebecca, a US citizen working as call-girl in Moscow. chicas escort Madrid I used to work in multinational company before. One day, I got a chance to visit Russia. In my free time, I went to date with some good looking Russian blokes and really love every moment of it. I realized my true calling after romancing with guys and decided to settle in Russia.
Within 6 months, I packed my bags and landed in Moscow to find a prospective groom for myself. But, meeting handsome men was quite a tough choice especially when you don’t know anyone. Anyway, I came to know of an escort agency from my room-mate and decided to apply it there. I got selected and soon I get an opportunity to meet some of the nicest blokes in the world. I love romancing with them over a dinner date and later make passionate love in my bedroom.
As an escort, I am perfect woman to date in case you are looking for a beauty with brain combination. I am natural capable of initiating a talk with anyone and can make any person quite comfortable in my presence. After romancing over dinner, I will invite you to my apartment where I will show you my love skills.
I start with passionate kiss on lips and at the same time prompt you to undress me completely. I ensure that you hold me tight in your arms, shower me with sweet kisses and finally enjoy me in any position you want. I can give you climax in missionary as well as KS positions.
Please call my agency to get a date with me. I would love to be your true friend who gives you emotional support as well as make tender love at the same time.

My sex story

My Blind-Folding Experience I still remember my first blind-folding experience. The sex was just amazing. My client was a French-Artist who was famous for making nude photos of woman. Moving back to story, I arrived in his hotel room on time. The guy was in early 50s and quite lean. He looked younger than his age actually. From his body language; I understood that the guy had some hidden plan in his mind. I made him comfortable on arrival and when he was relaxed enough, I asked him what he was going to do. He started me from top to bottom and asked me to perform a striptease. I played soft music on my I-phone and performed an erotic dance for him. The guy dick got really harder as clothes went away from my body. Soon, I was in lingerie and panting heavily. I blushed the way he looked at me. The guy made me sit on the chair and to my surprise tied my hair to the back of chair. Then, he took out a black cloth from his coat pocket and tied my eyes with it. For some minutes, it was just utter silence as there was no on in the room. After 10 minutes; I could sense that he was rubbing something in his hands rigorously. He applied his oil on my beautiful body. His hands moved all over my body i.e. my busts, place between legs, my face etc. I started panting with excitement. The guy silenced me with a kiss on my lips. He kissed me passionately on my lips at the same time he unhooked my bra too. He squeezed my tits with both hands. From lips, the French man rolled his tongue all over my neck and then kissed my lovely tits feverishly. While playing with my bosom; the guy started rubbing my pussy gently. I started feeling wet between my legs when he did this. From tits; he move further down to my stomach and kissed it too. When he was done with kissing, he untied my hands and put me gently on the floor. He spread me legs like an open flower and rolled his tongue deep inside my pussy. I yelled with excitement when he rolled his tongue inside my vagina. I was so excited that I didn’t even realize when he inserted his dick deep inside my vagina. He kept on moving back and forth ferociously till he cum inside me. I too achieved an orgasm at the same time. But, I was not finished yet. I wanted to take his cock deep inside my mouth. I cleaned his dick and then take it inside slowly. With time, I increased my speed and kept on doing it till he released a huge sperm inside my mouth. It was a perfect blowjob as I wanted. The French-Man thanked me for such a wonderful sexual encounter before moving back to his normal life. One month later, he sent me a thankful note along with nude picture of mine. Whenever I remember about my intense encounter with French-Man; I start feeling wet.

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