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I am Janet, a 22 year old aspiring model cum professional escort. I became an escort because I want to live a luxurious lifestyle where I can meet different people, go to various places and live a comfortable life for myself.
More than anything else, this profession has given me chance to meet eligible bachelors on daily basis. I am fond of romancing with young guys over a dinner date, drinks or in mine lovely apartment. I love taking my clothes off as the apartment door is shut. I will do anything to motivate you to indulge in heavy kisses, stroking and laying me down gently on bed. Madrid escolta I start feeling wet when you admire my delicate body with your sweet kisses. At this stage, I just hold you tight in my arms; spread my legs apart giving you enough indication of what your next move would be.
I am quite appealing to look at with river water like blue eyes, slender figure, firm bosom and long legs. But, the best feature is my lovely smile which will break the cold ice between you and me.
Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to be your loving girlfriend.

My sex story

When I went to Paris

I accompanied a Chinese businessman on his Paris trip. The guy was looking for beautiful girl to accompany him to on his boring business trip. After work, we check out the beautiful city. We went to Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sainte Chapelle and many other famous places.  Each evening we dine in fine restaurant and later in night we had rocking time in bed having lots of kissing and touching.

We stayed for 3 nights in Paris. First two nights were filled with kissing and lots of foreplay activity. But, the last night sex was just awesome.  The Chinese guy lay me down on the floor, tie my hands to the legs of the chair, gagged my mouth and looked quite differently.  The situation was looking like a rape scene from a famous Hollywood movie. I was extremely nervous when he did this to me and had no idea what will happen next. I regretted the decision of accompanying him to Paris. Had it been Moscow; then at least I could have called the cops.

Moving back to my encounter, the guy took out a scissor from his pocked and cut my top into two pieces. Then, he unzipped my pants and removed it along with underwear.  Now, he removed the cloth from my mouth and gave me sweet kisses on the lips. He kept on kissing me for at least half an hour simultaneously fondled my lovely tits. From lips, he moved to my neck where he poured down soft kisses over it and sucked my tits in between too.   I loved it when he fastened his lips on my breasts.  Although, he had bounded me; but the guy was quite gentle with me.  Our whole encounter was filled with kisses and touching.

When he was satisfied playing with my lovely tits; he move down to my stomach area and kissed it passionately all over it.  He squeezed my tits while kissing. It seemed that he had fallen in love with my lovely tits. The guy then opened my legs and inserted his big cock deep inside my vagina. He moved ferociously inside me causing little bit pain. He kept on moving till he ejaculated deep inside my body. After that, he untied my hands and legs.  But, the Chinese guy appetite was quit huge. He sat beside me stroked my hair for a while and run his firm hands over my back.

The guy sit behind me and started kissing my back starting from neck. He rolled his tongue all over my back while his hands squeezed my tits and his penis move inside my vagina. I was out of the world at this moment and sweat heavily during this encounter. It was first time that I was kissed, fondled and fucked at the same time. I was getting a feeling of group sex actually. Soon, the guy ejaculated inside me and heaved a sigh of relief.
Both of us went to deep sleep after that. Next day, we catch up our flights to our native country. He went back to China while I came back to Russia. But still I remember about our last night in Paris; I started feeling wet. I wish I could have more of it.

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